presence : flow

To be yourself is the best thing possible.

Reach for your goals.

What is presence:flow.

In order to get where you want to be, you need to remove obstacles that are lying on your path and impeding your advancement.

These barriers can be anything from sleep problems, worry and stress, lack of motivation or focus, failure to advance, or relationship issues.

I’m here to help you. 

I’m here to help you remove those barriers that are in your way so that you advance with greater ease and success, and let your light shine even more brightly. 

Through a combination of energy modalities including Bach Flowers, Access Bars and Healing, as well as Human Design, conversation, and essential oils, I help you remove barriers that stand in your way and prevent you from reaching for your goals and fulfilling your dreams.

When these blocks are removed, your life flows with increasing ease, and you experience greater presence, joy, and success.

For to be yourself is the greatest thing possible. 

Remove obstacles from your path.


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About Sat-Sung.

Hello, my name is Sat-Sung. It’s great to meet you!   

Life offers such amazing opportunities for growth and expansion. I am passionate about continuously clearing obstacles from my path expanding my boundaries, and helping others do the same. To this end I work with a wide variety of techniques and modalities I’ve learned over the last thirty or so years, including Bach Flower remedies, Access Bars and Healing, Human Design, essential oils, CBT techniques, and conversation.  

In my blog I share with you a bit about my passions, what I do, and who I am, in the hope of helping you on your journey.

Read and enjoy. If it inspires you, you are also invited to work with me. You can do so in-person in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or Pardes Chana, or remotely from anywhere you are in the world. 

Connecting with me is easy; click the button at the bottom of this page or follow this link.

To be yourself is the best thing possible.

How I work. ​

When we work together, it’s a team effort.

Your part: taking responsibility for yourself and your life. Knowing that only you can truly transform your life. This means, for instance, that if we work with flower tinctures, you’re the one responsible for taking them. That’s your part.

My part: supporting you through my extensive toolbox of different offerings. This toolbox includes various energy modalities, Human Design, CBT techniques, healing, and more. 

Also my part: helping you reach for your goals and your dreams in a supportive environment. Where appropriate, also helping you understand what your goals and dreams truly are.

These are my parts.

By offering an extensive toolbox of different modalities, you receive the treatments most appropriate for you. I mould my offerings to suit you, not the other way around.

Want to hear more?

Contact me, and see how you can make your life so much better. 

Feel what it’s like to be so much more yourself.

presence : flow