Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Bach Flower School: “A” is for Aspen for Anxiety

Bach Flower school begins today!
On the curriculum – going through all of the 38 different Bach Flower essences, to learn a bit about each. There will likely be one lesson a week, but the schedule is not set in stone…er….blossom. 😘

A is for Aspen

Today Bach Flower school begins with the letter A, and the Bach Flower remedy Aspen.

Aspen is the Bach Flower remedy for Anxiety

Aspen is the Bach Flower for anxiety, phobias, fears, and delusions.
If you are someone that suffers from generalized anxiety where something is bothering you but you can’t quite put your finger on it, consider taking Aspen.

Aspen is for those fluttery belly or chest feelings

Think of Aspen too if you feel all fluttery in your chest or your belly, or find yourself jumping at every noise.
The nervousness that calls for Aspen is often caused by an ultra-sensitive and imaginative personality coupled with excellent intuition.
The result: a person who feels every little breeze of energy that flies by. Think of an Aspen grove, rustling in the wind. 

Aspen following traumas

An Aspen state may also be due to a traumatic past event, the perceived danger of which has now generalized overly widely.
In all cases, ultra-sensitivity to potential danger is now so overwhelming and far-reaching so as to have become less useful. For when danger becomes bigger than life because it is sensed everywhere and in everything, real danger remains masked because it becomes indistinguishable from all of the imagined threats.  

Dissolve your fears into trust and security 

Aspen helps you dissolve your fears into trust and security.
Feelings and senses lurking in your subconscious are able to move more easily into your consciousness, where you can understand them more deeply.
You experience feelings of courage rather than fear. Aspen has help you too if you suffer from physical ailments that often accompany anxiety, such as hormonal imbalances, weakness, or sensitivity to weather.

Do you feel  anxiety, worry, or jumpiness?

 Do you feel anxiety, worry, or jumpiness? Do you want to feel more secure and rooted? Do you want to learn more about Bach Flowers?
You are warmly invited to be in touch with me. You can reach me here
Have a wonderful day, full of Bach Flowers, magic, and light.
~ Sat-Sung
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