Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Why does Rescue Remedy not work for me?

Why does Rescue Remedy sometimes not work? “Why does Rescue Remedy not work for me?” is a common question.  And a good one!  Rescue Remedy is the best-known Bach Flower combination, and is widely available in pharmacies. It’s often used for shock, stress, anxiety, worry or tension, especially when these feelings are fleeting or transitory, …

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Bach Flowers for your summer vacation

Summer’s here, and you’re on vacation! How exciting. Take some Bach Flowers with you to make your time off even better.  What are Bach Flowers?  Bach Flowers are natural tinctures created from wildflowers.  They help you keep yourself balanced and calm, meaning you can have a more enjoyable vacation, more easily.  Which Bach Flowers are …

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What is an Access Bars Treatment?

What is Access Bars? Access Bars is an incredible energy modality that helps you feel calmer, more focused, and more creative. It is a fabulous tool for helping you learn and retain new information, whether in connection with studies or a new job. After all, don’t you learn best when you’re feeling calm and focused? …

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Stop procrastinating now.

We all have tasks we procrastinate about. Don’t worry – there’s a simple and effective way to get jobs done you’re procrastinating about.

Symptoms vs. root causes

Improvement is most marked when both SYMPTOMS and ROOT CAUSES are treated. Look to working with both with your Bach Flower strategy.

What replenishes your energy?

What replenishes your energy? Everyone is different. Something that replenishes one person’s energy depletes another’s. What’s right for you?

Sleep better with Bach Flowers.

Bach Flowers are extremely effective at getting you to sleep better, because they with both symptoms and root causes.

Making brain plasticity work for you.

Brain plasticity means your brain is always creating new ways of thinking, feeling, and being. How can you use brain plasticity to get ahead?