Bach Flowers

What are Bach Flowers?

Bach Flowers are great for helping with so many things, including: 

  • quieting your mind so you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly
  • giving you motivation when you’re procrastinating 
  • improving communication – including with your partner, your friend, your boss, and your co-workers
  • installing bravery when you’re feeling scared, whether it’s at work or in your personal life – helps you move outside of your comfort zone
  • dealing with difficult or challenging people – including but certainly not restricted to your boss, your ex, and your kids when they are going through that stage…
  • releasing traumas
  • calming anxieties
  • when things are going well – helping them get even better 
Power Formula
Stress Formula
Magic Birth Formula
Calm Birth Formula
Bach Flowers for Dogs
Bach Flower & Essential Oils - combinations & gifts

Custom-Formulated Bach Flower formulas

Why choose Custom-Formulated?

A custom-formulated Bach Flower formula is uniquely-formulated Bach Flower blend – created just for you, after we discuss what you’re looking for.

Extremely special, custom-formulated Bach Flowers take into consideration exactly what you need at this particular moment.

Bach Flower Taster 

The Bach Flower Taster is great when you have a short-term issue.

How it works:

  • We have a discussion (Zoom or in-person) 
  • Based on our discussion, I prepare you a Bach Flower bottle

1 custom-formulated bottle (60 mL) + 1 discussion – 300 NIS

Bach Flower Journey

As a Bach Flower practitioner, I usually recommend the Bach Flower Journey because the results are better and longer-lasting

How it works:

  • We have a discussion (Zoom or in-person) 
  • Based on our discussion, I prepare you a Bach Flower bottle
  • When your bottle is nearly finished (after about a month) we have another discussion (Zoom or in-person)
  • based on our new discussion I prepare you a new Bach Flower formula
  • and so forth, for all three bottles  

3 custom-formulated bottles (60 mL) + 3 discussions – 750 NIS

Additional Custom-Formulated Bottles

Sometimes a formula is working great for you, and you want to stick with it for a while. 

Each new bottle of your custom formulated combination: 

30 mL bottle: 60 NIS

60 mL bottle: 120 NIS

How do I use my Bach Flowers?

It’s easy! It’s all laid out for you here: using your Bach Flowers.

Easy-Access Bach Flower formulas

What is Easy-Access?

It’s a pre-formulated combination of different Bach Flower tinctures.

It can be a great choice because:

  • it saves you time
  • it’s more economical

 Just let me know which formula you want (and if you don’t know, I can make suggestions) and I send you your bottle! 

Choose between Power Formula, Stress Formula, Magic Birth Formula, and Calm Birth Formula.

Power Formula

Power Formula helps you when you’re having a hard time getting started, or when you don’t reach your goals because of inaction

It doesn’t matter your reason or excuse – procrastination, feeling tired or bored or unmotivated, anxiety, or simply having a hard time getting out of your way or your comfort zone.

Power Formula is for you!

Keep Power Formula around your desk and your computer so that you’re prepared in times of need. Take two sprays when you find that you’re puttering around instead of working, take two more fifteen minutes later, and continue until you start working. It generally won’t take you long! 

Magic Birth Formula

Magic Birth Formula helps you release traumas connected with your previous difficult birth(s).

It also supports you in releasing fears around your present birth, so you feel calmer and more present.

Another perfect gift for expectant mothers.

Stress Formula

Stress Formula helps relax and calm you in challenging and stressful situations. It reduces worrying, which allows you to focus better when it’s most needed. 

It’s great for children with separation anxiety, whether it’s when you leave them in the other room, or at kindergarten. 

It also really helps your teenager before tests and exams.

It’s terrific for everyone before bed so you fall asleep faster and sleep more restfully.

Make sure to always have Stress Formula in the house and in your bag so you have it handy in times of need.

Calm Birth Formula

Calm Birth Formula is perfect when you are feeling fearful at the thought of childbirth.

It helps calm you, allowing you to be more present and relaxed.

The perfect gift for the expectant mother – whether it be you or someone else!

30 mL bottle – 110 NIS

60 mL bottle – 210 NIS

Shipping within Israel – 15 NIS

Bach Flower Formulas for dogs, cats, and other animals

Does your dog suffer from fears, anxiety, or separation anxiety?

If so, consider a custom-formulated Bach Flower formula.

Bach Flowers are fabulous for animals because they help them tremendously with fear, anxiety, and aggression issues. On top of it, they are natural products and are not drugs or pills. 

Please be aware that in many cases, an appropriate training program may also be indicated.

Special Temporary Low Price

60 mL bottle – 60 NIS

Shipping within Israel – 15 NIS

Combining Bach Flowers and essential oils creates wonderful results

Try placing four drops of a Bach Flower formula of your choice into a diffuser, along with a few drops of a high-quality essential oil.

This is because both Bach Flowers and essential oils help you with your issue, in different ways.

This means you get a complementary result that is far more powerful than using either the Bach Flowers or the essential oils separately. 

Contact me for great ideas, both for personal use and for gifts.