Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Bach Flower School – Cerato for aligned choices

Consider the Bach Flower Cerato when you feel confused or you think your judgment is lacking. The Bach Flower remedy Cerato helps you gain greater clarity and trust your instincts, leading you to more effective decisions.
And remember – successful choices guide you toward your goals.
To demonstrate the power of the Bach Flower Cerato, let’s look at Julie, our fictitious litigation attorney.

Julie: a case study in Cerato

Julie is a Toronto born and raised contracts attorney working at a mid-sized downtown law firm. Her goals include making more money and keeping some semblance of a work/life balance.

Let’s consider how her life is now, and then see how the Bach Flower Cerato can help her make more aligned choices so she reaches her goals with greater ease and success.

Personal Advocacy

Julie is a great lawyer with exceptional contract drafting skills. She’s also reluctant to ask for better compensation because she’s nervous about being refused.

However, a week ago Julie finally overcame her fears and requested a salary increase.

To Julie’s extreme disappointment, her request was rejected. The reasons Julie’s firm provided included poor teamwork skills.

On the one hand, Julie feels frustrated that her firm inadequately considered her exceptional legal talents. However, she also understands their perspective regarding teamwork, for she generally agrees with others’ ideas rather than advocating her own. She does this because she trusts the judgment of other attorneys more than hers.

Significant Life Decisions

This inclination of not sufficiently trusting her own instincts repeats itself at home. Julie’s partner Tal is currently pushing to relocate to New York because Tal has been offered a great job there.

Julie feels confused about the situation. On the one hand, she’s opposed to moving because the last thing in the world she wants to have to do is qualify for the New York Bar. In addition, Julie’s entire social network is in Toronto and she hates the idea of losing it.

However, Julie also relates to Tal’s perspective. The job opportunity is fantastic, and were Julie in Tal’s shoes, she might also press for relocation.

Julie figures that in the end, they’ll likely move because that’s what Tal wants, and Julie follows Tal’s lead. Even when there’s a little niggling voice inside of her telling her otherwise, like there is now.

Authority Figures

And as if all this wasn’t enough, Julie overstretched during a yoga class two days ago and is now suffering from a painful pulled thigh muscle.

The injury occurred when Julie’s instructor adjusted her stretch against Julie’s better (but unspoken) judgment.

Julie is kicking herself about the injury because even at the time she knew the adjustment was too much, but she didn’t say anything. She kept quiet because she respects her yoga instructor and figured that if her yoga instructor thought her stretch should be deeper, it must be so.

Cerato helps you trust your instincts

What do all these four events in Julie’s life have in common?
Here is the common thread: Julie mistrusts her own judgment and is heavily influenced by others. These two elements feed one another and when left uncorrected, lead to a continuous negative downward spiral of non-aligned choices. They are also imbalances able to be corrected by the Bach Flower essence Cerato.
Let’s start with Julie’s personal advocacy. It took her a full year to ask for a salary raise. And when her law firm opposed her request, she identified with their perspective, even though deep down inside she knew she deserved better.
In other words: a failure to trust her instincts and judgment.

Cerato helps protects you from influence

Similarly, the same occurs with Julie and her team. Even when she has a great idea she is reluctant to raise it because she lacks confidence in her judgment. This is accentuated when others forward criticism, for she is easily influenced.
The Bach Flower Cerato is intended for these types of situations and personalities.
When you are reluctant to take a stand because you feel that others are (likely) more correct than you, or when situations confuse you and you’re not sure of the right thing to do, consider Cerato. It will bring clarity and confidence to your life.

Cerato brings clarity to your life

Consider Cerato too when you frequently hear a little voice inside of you telling you what to do, but don’t 100% trust it.
This is what occurs when Julie’s partner Tal wants to relocate to New York. Julie’s instincts tell her to remain in Toronto, but she is overly influenced by Tal. In this case, the Bach Flower Cerato would help Julie listen to her intuition with increased understanding and trust, and less confusion about the situation.
Finally, Julie’s pattern repeats itself in her yoga class. Although Julie felt that her yoga instructor was overstretching her, she kept quiet because she figured that her instructor, more authoritative than her in yoga, must know better.

Cerato for more aligned choices

Do you relate to any of Julie’s experiences?

If so, consider experimenting with the Bach Flower Cerato. When it’s the appropriate tincture for you, it will increase your confidence in your judgment and instincts, quiet the noise from outside, and lead you to more aligned choices and successful decisions.

Bach Flowers help you reach your goals

Do you have questions about Bach Flowers? Be in touch – it’s always a pleasure hearing from you.

And if you want to get serious about reaching your goals, you are invited to order Bach Flowers from me. Some of your options include:

  • Power Formula – to help you beat procrastination, increase motivation, and get sh*t done.
  • Stress Formula – when feeling calmer and less stressed from everything going on in your life will help you move forward.
  • Custom Formulated Bach Flower combinations – when you want to remove obstacles from your path so you can more easily reach for your goals. I create Custom Formulated Bach Flower combinations especially (and only) for you, based on your professional and personal goals.

An interesting aside about the Bach Flower Cerato

There are 38 different tinctures in the Bach Flower set, and all of the flower essences save for Cerato are created from wildflowers. Dr. Edward Bach, the developer of the Bach Flower modality, selected wildflowers for their hardiness.

However, Cerato is a domesticated flower, not a wildflower.

Story has it that for this reason, Dr. Bach deliberated for some time whether or not to include Cerato in the set of Bach Flowers. He ultimately selected Cerato because he was convinced it was the best remedy for the emotional states for which it is intended.

Now, isn’t this absolutely perfect? The Bach Flower Cerato is used to support making aligned choices through listening within and not to how things are “supposed” to be done. And it is the only flower essence in the Bach Flower set created from a domesticated flower, showing how much inner wisdom went into its selection.

Have a wonderful day,

~ Sat-Sung

. . .

Note: for those familiar with the different Bach Flower remedies, it is interesting to consider overlaps with and distinctions between Cerato and certain other Bach Flower essences, including Larch, Centaury, Walnut, and Scleranthus. You’re invited to learn more about the Bach Flower Scleranthus and decision-making here. And here’s another bit of info about how Bach Flower combinations can help you make better decisions

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