Custom-formulated or off-the-shelf: how to choose the best Bach Flower formula.

Custom-formulated or off-the-shelf: which Bach Flower formula do I choose?

I’m often asked by clients what I recommend for them: custom-formulated or off-the-shelf Bach Flower mixtures. This is an excellent question and not always obvious, so let’s devote this blog to the subject.

Let’s start at the beginning: what are Bach Flowers, and what’s a Bach Flower combination?

What are Bach Flowers?

Bach Flowers are tinctures, mainly derived from wildflowers that grow in the English countryside. Bach Flower tinctures are natural and work by matching and raising our vibrational frequencies. They are incredibly effective as they address both symptoms and root causes

Wild Rose - one of the Bach Flower tinctures

Bach Flowers are part of an effective daily self-care regime for optimal performance, parallel to exercising, eating well, and sleeping enough. I take my Bach Flowers every day. 

Bach Flower combinations or mixtures are formulas of different Bach Flower tinctures that synchronize in support of a specific goal. These goals can include sleeping better, feeling less stress, anxiety, or guilt, reaching your goals, increasing productivity, reducing procrastination, and improving communication.

Bach Flower mixtures are divided into two different types: custom-formulated (or personally-formulated) combinations and off-the shelf combinations (or pre-formulations). 

Custom-formulated Bach Flower combinations.

Custom-formulated Bach Flower combinations are created for you specifically, in connection with a specific situation or specific situations in your life, at this time. They are unique and formulated on a case-to-case basis.

When you order a custom-formulated Bach Flower combination from me, you begin with a Bach Flower consultation (remote or in-person). During the consultation, you talk about what is going on for you right now, what you’d like changed or improved, and what your goals are.

Based on what you are looking for, I create a special and unique Bach Flower formula especially for you. Each tincture in your mixture is selected in support of you and your objective at this time. Therefore, custom-formulated Bach Flower combinations are the most effective type of formula. 

A custom-formulated Bach Flower combination

That being said, let’s not dismiss pre-formulated Bach Flower formulas, for they too are incredibly effective in the right situation! 

Off-the-shelf Bach Flower combinations.

Off-the-shelf Bach Flower combinations are mixtures of different Bach Flower tinctures created for a general condition or situation. They are an extremely convenient solution when you fit the profile matching that particular formula.

A common example of an off-the-shelf Bach Flower combination is Rescue Remedy, which helps most people in most situations of temporary stress or emergency. “Most” is an important qualification, for as Bach Flowers treat both symptoms and root causes, and as no two people’s symptoms and root causes are identical, no one in good faith or honesty can claim that a pre-formulated Bach Flower combination will help everyone in every situation.  

However, when an off-the-shelf Bach Flower combination is a good fit for your situation, it’s a great choice. In such a case, they are not only effective, but also convenient. Therefore, I offer them to my clients. I wouldn’t provide off-the-shelf Bach Flower combinations if I didn’t utterly believe in them.  

Some examples.

The two off-the-shelf Bach Flower combinations you can obtain through me are Stress Formula, which is fabulous for calming you in stressful situations, and Power Formula, which assists you with getting things done, overcoming procrastination, and moving outside your comfort zone. 

Stress Formula & Power Formula

Let me tell you a bit more about Power Formula. I initially created it as a custom-formulated Bach Flower combination for myself during a period when I found myself in a deep rut. I was feeling stuck and increasingly unable to move outside of my comfort zone (a pretty unsuccessful recipe for a business owner!). Power Formula worked miracles for me, helping me move out forward and get things done (indeed, one of the prototype names for Power Formula was Get Sh*t Done, exactly for this reason)I was so taken by the effectiveness of the mixture that I decided to offer it to others to help them too. As the mixture addresses a collection of symptoms and root causes common to many people, Power Formula makes for an amazing off-the-shelf mixture

I offer the same qualification with my off-the-shelf Bach Flower combinations that I do with all off-the-shelf products and services – they help most people, in most situations for which the formulas are intended. By their very nature, being pre-formulated, it is unrealistic to believe that an off-the-shelf product or service will help everyone.

Custom-formulated or off-the-shelf: what's best for me?

So why choose one over the other, custom-formulated or off-the-shelf? 

Being uniquely prepared just for you, I generally recommend custom-formulated Bach Flower formulas, for they are the most effective combinations going. That being said, you may prefer the convenience of an off-the-shelf formula. If this is the case, and your situation and the off-the-shelf Bach Flower combination are a good fit, then this could be your best choice. 

My prime concern is that you receive what is best for you. You see this not only in my Bach Flower formulas and my other services, but also in my pricing and my customer service. 

Pricing: you pay the same amount for a Bach Flower formulation from me, whether it’s custom-formulated or off-the-shelf. The only price difference is the cost of the Bach Flower consultation should you select a custom-formulated mixture.

Customer service: you receive the same customer service regardless of whether you have selected a custom-formulated or an off-the-shelf combination. An example of my customer service: some clients choose to receive reminders from me to take their Bach Flowers (because if you want your Bach Flowers to work, you need to take them!). I provide this service to all of my clients who request it, regardless of the formulation they’ve received from me. 

Get more information.

If you want more information about which Bach Flower mixture is best for you, or if you want to order Bach Flowers from me, reach out by booking a no-charge, no-obligation Clarity Consultation, or contact me by Whatsapp. I’m here to help you. 

Have a fabulous day, and take your Bach Flowers!

Custom-formulated or off-the-shelf? What's best for me?