Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Using Human Design to create a Spring ritual

Spring is a time of renewal and growth. 
It’s also a fantastic opportunity to use Human Design to create a Spring ritual supporting your personal and professional expansion.
Designing a ritual based on your individual Human Design type allows you to enter the growth season knowing that you are aligned with your design and natural strengths.

First…a few words about Human Design

For those of you not yet familiar with Human Design, here are a few words about it, as a brief introduction.

In a nutshell, Human Design is a method for mapping personality and showing you how you can live your most aligned and joyful life. Included in the tips provided by Human Design are how to communicate and make choices more effectively based on your personal and unique chart.

Human Design is a conglomerate of several different modalities, including astrology, the I-Ching, and the chakra system, Multi-layered, Human Design is both practical and esoteric.

And this article covers a bit of the esoteric side of the technique: how to use Human Design to create a spring ritual for yourself, based on your Human Design “type”.

Spring rituals for the five different Human Design Types

Human Design Type #1: Manifestors

  • Harness your energy and create yourself a magical Spring vision board!  
  • Do what feels right to you – design your vision board the old-fashioned way with magazines and sparkles, or create it digitally. Either way is perfect.
  • On your vision board include all the things you would love to get done during the Spring season and beyond. And keep in mind that your mind might change about your ideas, and that’s just fine. The purpose of your Spring ritual vision board is to inspire, not control. 
  • This Spring, living life through the Human Design lens, give yourself full permission to flow with your desires and use your incredible Manifestor energy for what inspires you.
  • If this is challenging, consider taking the Bach Flower Walnut to back you up, or even better, a custom-formulated Bach Flower combination. If you’d like, I can support you with this. 
  • Human Design pro tip: letting your loved ones know what you are up to in real-time will assist them in supporting you as a Manifestor and your fierce Manifestor drive.

Human Design Types 2 & 3: Generators & Manifesting Generators

  • For your Spring ritual, take some time to leisurely wander about an environment that inspires you.
  • Are you a Generator or Manifesting Generator drawn to nature? If so, take a walk there, for it’s the perfect location for Spring rituals.
  • However, if you’re not a nature person, or if you’re not close to nature, no problem. Any place from which you draw inspiration is a good location for your Spring ritual. This includes but is certainly not limited to bustling city streets, broad boardwalks along beaches, and business centres.
  • The Human Design connection: as you wander about, respond to that which is around you. If you are drawn to something, head towards it. When something catches your eye, pay attention and gaze. Notice a smell that you like? Check to see from where it is coming and what it is.
  • When you experience a response that brings you joy or satisfaction, take the next Human Design step and ask your gut whether you should follow up on it this Spring. And then, as a Generator or Manifesting Generator, take the important step of trusting your gut’s answer to you.
  • Pro tip: Be sure to record your gut’s responses, so you remember them!

Human Design Type #4: Projectors

  • For Projectors, Human Design Spring ritual time means playtime! Yay!
  • Take time out from whatever you’re doing to spend quality time on something fun. Go for a walk, play ball, do yoga, watch a movie, read a book, play with crystals, write a story – whatever you enjoy, go for it.
  • Afterwards, meditate in silence. If you are drawn to crystals or feathers, include them in your meditation. (And if it’s feathers you love, check out this amazing journal.)
  • In your meditation, ask yourself what brings you joy this Spring season, and where your passions lie. Commit to embracing both – your joys and your passions – during this season of renewal, and spreading them freely and widely throughout the world.
  • Meditate too on being hyper-aware of invitations. As a Projector, invitations are your Human Design prompt for action, and so the more aware you are of them, including the delicate and subtle ones, the better things will be for you. 

Human Design Type #5: Reflectors

  • Human Design teaches that as a Reflector, your health and energy is strongly impacted by your environment.
  • Therefore,  your Human Design Spring ritual includes inspirational Spring cleaning.  
  • Clean, organize, and declutter your work and personal environments. Arrange your spaces to create environments supporting and strengthening your energy and health.
  • Cleanse with sage, crystals, feathers, sound, or light. 
  • After cleaning, organizing, and decluttering your work and personal spaces, continue your Human Design Reflector ritual by meditating on supporting Spring cleaning for the larger communities in your life. Meditate on allowing these communities to also experience greater health and energy during this season of growth. 

Using Human Design to create rituals

Creating rituals that align with your Human Design type infuses your Spring with heightened meaning and purpose.

Through your Spring ritual, you deepen your understanding of yourself and your unique energy, and create a practice that nourishes your soul.

Already have a Spring ritual?

Already have a Spring ritual? Do tell me about it!  

Contact me here – it’s always wonderful hearing from you.

Do you want to learn more about how you can use Human Design to make more effective decisions and communicate in a way that others hear you better?
If your answer is “yes” or “maybe”, I invite you to speak with me.
My Human Design coaching services include:
  • Human Design for individuals (to help you learn, among other things, how to make better decisions and communicate more effectively)
  • Human Design for couples (so you and your partner understand one another better and learn how to communicate in ways that the other hears and understands better)
  • Human Design for business (for all of your work questions, including what type of work and work environment best suits you, and how to work more effectively based on your Human Design chart)
  • Human Design for families (this is amazing and helps parents understand how to relate better with their kids so that the entire family is more cohesive)

Any and all questions – I’m here for you. 

Have a beautiful day and a Spring of growth and renewal.

~ Sat-Sung  

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