Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Design your Life

Design your Life with Human Design

Human Design is an incredible way of understanding yourself more deeply

allowing yourself to make more effective decisions  

and better actualize your potential

Design your Life for  Individuals

Using your birth date and time, Human Design creates a unique chart of you.

Through your chart, learn the best ways for you to make decisions, communicate, and manifest what you want

in both your personal and professional lives, all based on your unique and personal design. 

Implementing the tools you learn during your Human Design consultation,

better optimize your energy and live a more joyous and fulfilling life.

Design your Life for Couples

Human Design for Couples brings into clear view

dynamics and connections existing between you and your partner,

allowing you to better overcome challenges and build on strengths in your relationship

Human Design for Couples helps you communicate better, get along more effectively during challenging times, and complement each others’ personalities,

and all based on your Human Design charts.

Highly effective for new relationships and diamond anniversaries alike,

Human Design for Couples consultations are with both you and your partner, so that you both gain.

Design your Life for Business

Looking at your chart through a professional lens, 

Human Design for Business helps you capitalize on your natural and innate strengths and talents, so that you shine even more brightly professionally. 

Considering pivoting professionally?

Want to excel where you already are?

Want to understand how to communicate better with colleagues?

Need to make some important professional decisions? 

Human Design for Business can help with all of these.

It’s like Human Design for Couples, but for your business relationship. 

Design your Life for Families

Human Design for Families helps you navigate the tricky relationships between parents, partners, children, and siblings in an effective and loving way. It is similar to Human Design for Couples, but expanded to include additional members of your family. 

So many family challenges begin with misunderstandings and assumptions, and not realizing important differences existing between family members. 

Shedding light on these differences, Human Design for Families teaches you differences and similarities between different family members, so you better understand who they are and from where they are coming.

Human Design for Families also teaches how to communicate and relate with your kids, parents, and siblings, and partner based on their Human Design chart and yours. It is like Human Design for Couples, but with more members of your family. 

Learning and implementing this information will strengthen and improve your family relationships.

Consultations can be with you alone, or several members of your family together. Talk with me about options.

Design Your Life Packages

When you book a Design Your Life (Human Design) consultation you receive:

(1) an interactive live consultation with me 


(2) a personally tailored workbook  


(3) for video consultations: a video recording (when you request in advance)

Design your Life for Individuals – 260 NIS

Design your Life for Couples – 350 NIS

Design your Life for Business – 350 NIS

Design your Life for Families – based upon the number of family members in the consultation – speak with me

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