Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Looking for an easy way to improve your sleep naturally?

There’s an easy way to improve your sleep naturally… 

…and this is how: use a combination of lavender essential oil and Stress Formula.Β 

What are Lavender Oil and Stress Formula?

Lavender oil is an essential oil that helps relax the body and mind, ease anxiety, and promote sleep. Stress Formula is fabulous for relaxing tension and worry, and many of my clients use it before bedtime. Stress Formula is created with different Bach Flowers essences, meaning that it’s both natural and effective.

Improve your sleep naturally

To improve your sleep naturally: combine lavender oil with Stress Formula, place a few drops or sprays on your pillow or in your diffuser at bedtime, and inhale the calming scent as you drift off to sleep. Sweet dreams! πŸŒ™

Want more details or to order? Send me a message.

Have a wonderful day and a beautiful, restful night. Naturally. ❀️

~ Sat-Sung

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