Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Bach Flower combinations for better decisions

Anna (not her real name) came for a Bach Flower consultation, looking for solutions for her chronic indecisiveness. 

She explained that in addition to having difficulty making decisions, her mind was always racing, she had a hard time prioritizing, and she felt scattered and overwhelmed.

The solution: Bach Flower remedies

After our consultation, Anna received a formula bottle from me containing four different Bach Flower tinctures: 

  • Scleranthus, to help Anna make decisions. Scleranthus is the decision-making Bach Flower, making it easier to choose between A and B, yes or no, now or later. Easy decision-making gets you going and into the flow, and helps quiet your mind.
  • Wild Oat, to help Anna decide on what to focus and what to ignore. Gaining clarity is a great way to help get rid of feelings of scatteredness and overwhelm. 
  • Pine, for helping Anna resolve feelings of guilt. Anna told me how part of her decision-making difficulties stemmed from feeling like she should do A, although she secretly preferred B. Now, guilt – isn’t it the root of so many of those pesky “shoulds”? 
  • Larch, to boost Anna’s self-confidence, because low self-esteem also contributed to her decision-making difficulties. Even when Anna knew what she wanted to do, she often avoided it because she felt incompetent (imposter’s syndrome, anyone?). I selected Larch to help her realize how capable she truly is. 

Make decisions more easily

The formula was a tremendous success! 

After taking her Bach Flowers consistently for just over a week, Anna’s mind began clear and it became easier for her to make decisions. She had never before realized how so much of the noise in her head was simply her brain looping, trying to come to a decision. 

A week or so later, things got even better. Anna felt calmer at work, and it became clear that certain projects on which she had been working were not really for her and best put to the side (which she did!). 

Want a Bach Flower formula of your own? Be in contact with me or book an appointment

Have a wonderful day, filled with clarity, decisiveness, and Bach Flowers. 

~ Sat-Sung

(And if you are a lawyer, and wish to look at decision-making from a complementary angle, check this out.)

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