Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Power to Attorney

Designed for lawyers.ย 

Power to Attorney is a leadership program for lawyers aimed at increasing clarity, focus and success, and reducing fatigue, anxiety, and overwhelm.

It does this by assisting you in getting rid of limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and replacing them with thoughts that empower you to move forward and reach for your goals, in a direction that is uniquely suited for you.ย 

Optimize your energy.

Practical and effective, Power to Attorney is based on the principle of brain plasticity.

Working with brain pliability, it assists you to intentionally create new beliefs to replace thoughts and beliefs that hold you back and are no longer serving you.ย 

Inter alia incorporating CBT techniques, Power to Attorney works with thought-feeling-action-result-belief loops: your thoughts and feelings create your actions, these lead to your results and beliefs, and these in turn lead to still more thoughts.ย 

During the program, you transform negative feedback loops that hold you back into thought patterns that serve you and help you attain your goals.

You also learn methods ofย  optimizing your energy, speaking in a way so that you are more compelling, and making better decisions. All of this supports you reaching for your goals in a more meaningful, effective manner.ย 

Taking only one hour a week from the convenience of your desk, Power of Attorney is a powerful solution for the busiest of attorneys.

Power to Attorney / MindFlow

14 weekly, hourly sessions. ย 

75 USD / 250 NIS per sessionย 

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