Practical Self Development

Why Practical Self Development?

Practical Self-Development is a self-development and leadership program

aimed at helping you rid yourself of limiting beliefs that hold you back,

and replacing them with thoughts that empower you to move forward. 

Create new belief patterns

Practical and effective, Practical Self Development is based on the principle of brain plasticity.

Understanding brain pliability, it assists you to intentionally create new beliefs to replace thoughts and beliefs that hold you back and that you no longer want. 

Drawing from CBT, Practical Self Development works with thought-feeling-action-result-belief loops:

your thoughts and feelings create your actions, these lead to your results and beliefs, and these in turn lead to still more thoughts. 

During the program, you transform negative feedback loops that hold you back into thought patterns that serve you and help you attain your goals.

Do Practical Self Development in-person in Tel Aviv or Pardes Chana, or remotely from wherever you are in the world. 


14 weekly, hourly sessions.  

300 NIS per session.

Special Discount: 200 per session – Pardes Chana / remotely