Pregnancy massage with Bach Flowers

Anabel Nyssen is a very talented and experienced massage therapist. Two of her specialties are working with pregnant women, and working with infants and babies.
I am honoured that Anabel uses my Bach Flower formulas in some of her massages, and she also offers them for sale at her clinic.
This photo is of Anabelโ€™s clinic, with my Magic Birth Formula close to her massage table.
Magic Birth Formula is amazing for women at any stage of their pregnancy or labour, who harbour fears and anxieties about the birth process.
Magic Birth Formula helps you relax and remain more present and calm.
๐ŸŒธIf youโ€™d like to book an incredible massage, be in touch with Anabel Nyssen.
๐ŸŒธIf youโ€™d like to order my Bach Flower formulas (or order a custom formulated bottle for yourself or your pet), speak with me. Best way to reach me is by WhatsApp or my contact page here.
Have a beautiful day.
~ Sat-Sung
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