Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Sleep better with Bach Flowers.

Sleep Better.

Bach Flowers are extremely effective in helping resolve sleep problems, as well as fatigue caused by poor sleeping.

One of the reasons for this is that Bach Flowers help deal with not just the SYMPTOMS, but also the ROOT CAUSES, of your sleep problems.

Symptoms and Root Causes.

For example: perhaps you’re tired and not sleeping well because you can’t shut off your constant thoughts, even when you go to bed.

This is a SYMPTOM of your sleep issue – endless thoughts that you can’t turn off. And indeed, there’s a Bach Flower remedy which helps wonderfully with this – White Chestnut.

White Chestnut

However, White Chestnut alone is not enough to help you.

This is because, in this case, using White Chestnut would be treating only the SYMPTOM of your sleeplessness. And when one treats only the SYMPTOM and not also the CAUSE, it may look effective, but truly, it’s not helpful in the long-run because the underlying reason will simply make itself heard in a different way in your body.

So let’s go back to endless thoughts that you just can’t turn off.

There could be any of a million and one different reasons for you not being able to shut off your thoughts at bedtime – perhaps you are worrying about work, family or the state of the world, maybe you have a big project or event coming up that’s taking up a lot of your attention, maybe you’ve experienced an upsetting or traumatic event and can’t stop thinking about it, perhaps you’ve simply had too much coffee close to bedtime, your mattress is uncomfortable, or your neighbours are making too much noise.

Some of these reasons for your non-stop thinking touch roots of your sleep problems, whereas others are simply additional symptoms of even deeper roots. And there are wonderful and effective Bach Flower remedies that deal with each of these.

You are unique.

And this is what I help you during a Bach Flower consultation with me (in-person or remote): I examine both the symptoms and the roots of your sleeplessness and fatigue, and then create a unique Bach Flower treatment bottle for you that contains tinctures touching on both. And when you take the Bach Flowers as instructed (four drops several times a day), magic occurs in your life – your sleep improves, and you feel more rested and energetic, and things are simply down-right more wonderful.

The bottle you receive from me is uniquely-formulated, for both you and your life experiences are unique. This means that the combination of Bach Flowers best for you and your situation will differ from the mix appropriate for anyone else and their situation.

You are unique

Your Gift.

And now, I’d love to give you a gift, so you sleep and feel better. Sign up for a no-charge, no-obligation Clarity Consultation with me, to determine whether Bach Flowers could help you sleep better. There’s absolutely no reason at all to keep feeling so tired. 

May you be rested and healthy, and have a wonderful day. 

~ Sat-Sung

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