Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Stop procrastinating now.

What are you procrastinating about?

We all have those tasks and jobs that are hard to get done. We see them on our calendar, and procrastination sets in. 

What’s on your calendar today that you’re avoiding doing? And what didn’t even make it to your calendar because you know you won’t be doing it, even if you should be? 

Don’t worry – there’s a simple and effective technique that helps with getting things done, even those things you’re procrastinating about. Especially those things you’re procrastinating about. 

How to stop procrastinating now.

Here it is: imagine yourself already on the other side, and feel your satisfaction at the job well done. 

That’s it. 

Don’t be misled by this technique’s simplicity. What it lacks in complexity, it makes up in effectivity.

The only caveat: you have to USE this technique for it to work!

A personal example.

A personal example: it’s easy for me to find myself procrastinating around administrative tasks. After a long period of doing this, I realized that I was spending far more energy avoiding rather than completing, and decided to change my pattern.

With that, I visualized myself immediately after completing the task at hand, including feeling satisfied, both because the job was finally complete, and also because I’d defeated procrastination.

And guess what? After this visualization, it was easy for me to sit down and do the task. Surprisingly easy. 

Imagine you're already there.

Part of the reason for the ease was that by visualizing myself already on the other side, the option of not beginning was no longer on the table. For in my mind’s eye, I was already there. In addition, by imagining how satisfied I would feel at the end of the job, I had inserted positivity into the task. I was already feeling good about it.

I repeat the caveat already mentioned above. If you want this technique to work, you need to put it into action. 

Put an end to procrastination.

For greatest effectiveness, I suggest putting the technique into action now to get moving on a task that you’re avoiding now. Indeed, the very fact that you’re online, reading posts on productivity, insinuates that perhaps there’s a project out there you’re procrastinating about…

Try it out, and let me know how it works!

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