Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Bach Flowers for your summer vacation

Summer’s here, and you’re on vacation! How exciting.

Take some Bach Flowers with you to make your time off even better. 

What are Bach Flowers?

 Bach Flowers are natural tinctures created from wildflowers. 

They help you keep yourself balanced and calm, meaning you can have a more enjoyable vacation, more easily. 

Which Bach Flowers are best for summer travels?

Put them all in if you’re able, but assuming baggage restrictions eliminate this option, here’s a selection you might want to consider: 

Aspen: going abroad can be both exciting and anxiety-provoking. Take Aspen for the anxiety-provoking side. The Bach Flower Aspen helps you calm your worry, stress, and anxiety, so you enjoy yourself more when you’re away and have a better time with your loved ones. 
Cherry Plum: Spending concentrated time abroad with family has both its joys and its challenges. The Bach Flower Cherry Plum supports you with the challenging aspects. One way it does this is by helping you bite your tongue so that words you might later regret saying don’t come out in the first place. With this, you and your family can have a lovelier visit, and relish more lovely memories of it afterwards.

Impatiens & Beech: Long lines drive you crazy? Take a combination of two Bach Flower remedies – Impatiens and Beech! Impatiens, like its name suggests, is great for relaxing impatience, and Beech helps you with feelings of annoyance. After taking them, that restaurant or amusement park line may be just as long as it was before, but it’ll likely bother you far less. 

Stress Formula: Stress Formula is a combination of several different Bach Flower tinctures, and is specially designed to help you feel better and manage more effectively during stressful situations. Take your Stress Formula if your flight is cancelled, your luggage is lost, or your kids wander away. Always keep a bottle with you for easy access, including when you get back home. 

Bottom Line?

Summer is here, and with it are opportunities to visit loved ones abroad. Take full advantage of it!

Have a wonderful time with your family, and make it an even more outstanding trip with Bach Flower remedies. 

~ Sat-Sung

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