Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Symptoms vs. root causes

Symptoms vs. root causes: both are important.

In my practice, I help you with both symptoms and root causes. This is fundamental for me, for healing is effective long-term only when both these elements are taken into account. Therefore, instead of deciding between symptoms vs. root causes in your treatment strategy, look to working with both. 

My approach contrasts starkly to conventional medicine’s standard strategy, which attacks symptoms while disregarding causes. Consider common pain medications, sleeping pills, skin ointments, and medicines prescribed to mask ADHD symptoms. All of these look to tackling symptoms, while ignoring root causes.

Root causes lie far deeper than symptoms.

I prefer the holistic approach, as both symptoms and root causes are key. When having to choose between symptoms vs. root causes, the choice is “both”.  

On the one hand, it is the symptoms that most acutely trouble clients (you book an appointment with me because of relentless migraines). On the other hand, root causes are what cause symptoms (your migraines are most frequent and painful when work is stressful).

Symptoms are your body's way of communicating imbalance.

Symptoms are your body’s way of communicating imbalance. Thus, when you treat a symptom but disregard its cause, your body typically manifests new symptoms. It does this to attempt once again to alert you to the imbalance.

Symptoms and root causes are connected, in the same way that flowers and roots are complementary parts of the same plant.

Let’s look again at migraines triggered by stress. When you treat only your headache symptoms without examining your stress response, you’ll soon experience new symptoms in place of migraines. Possibly it will take the form of back pain or fatigue, perhaps an exacerbation of late-night binging or irritability, maybe something else. 

When deciding between symptoms vs. root causes, then best choice is generally “both”.

Let's talk.

And now, I’d love to give you a gift. Register for a no-charge, no-obligation Clarity Consultation with me, to see what can be done to help you resolve both the symptoms and the root causes of those imbalances that are troubling you. 

Balance is everything.


Have a wonderful day, and be well. 

~ Sat-Sung

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